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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

David Sancious - 1982 - The Bridge

Studio Album, released in 1982

Songs / Tracks Listing

1.What If? (2:33)
2.Sunday (4:04)
3.Silent Scenes (3:04)
4.Invisible Dance (3:34)
5.Sleight Of Hand (4:05)
6.The Eyes Have It (6:23)
7.Morning (5:33)
8.Flight of Light (3:10)
9.The Bridge (16:20)

Line-up / Musicians:

-David Sancious/ piano

Sub-Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: United States



TestForEcho said...

Please send me the link to this album at TestForEcho78@gmail.com.

In small repayment for your hard work, I give you a little joke which I hope gives you a little laugh:

A man once joined a monastery where he was only allowed to speak 2 words every 7 years. After 7 years he was taken before the elder monks and he said, "Cold floors." After 7 more years he was again taken before the elders and said, "Bad food." After 7 more years he said, "I quit." The elders replied, "Well it is not surprising to us. You have complained ever since you got here." :)

TestForEcho said...

Please send the link to this album to TestForEcho78@gmail.com. Thank you and keep up the great work.

I know a few of these are repeats but I don't find the links in my gmail account so I'm not sure I ever got them. Don't see them in my album collection either.