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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Quantum Fantay - 2007 - From Herzberg to Livingroom ( 02 cd )

Live, released in 2007

Tracks Listing:

CD1: (60:23)

1. Kaleidothrope (8:48)
2. The Spirit (7:07)
3. Wais Dame Dilamp (2:58)
4. Blocktail (5:13)
5. March Of The Buffelario (9:34)
6. Lanatanasch (7:29)
7. Forehead Echo (4:43)
8. Wintershades (6:56)
9. Ugisiunsi (7:35)

CD2: (44:11)

1. Autumn Landscapes (6:53)
2. Niek Shlut (7:32)
3. Trip Escape (12:29)
4. Snowballs In Ghostland (6:16)
5. Aganpanthusterra (11:01)

Total Time: 104:34

Line-up / Musicians:

- Gino Bartolini / drums, gong
- Dario Frodo / guitars
- Pete Mush / synthesizers
- Charles Sla / flute
- Jaro / bass

Sub-Genre: Psychedelic/Space Rock
Origin: Belgium



gah33 said...

Link for CD1, anyone?

Pillars Of The Progressive said...

Hello gah33: I think the friend should read what is written in the early part of the blog (Important) and then yes I would be happy to share the link.

OK ?....


Sadness said...

I`m a big follower of quantum fantay..would appreciate any chance to even hear this albums 2 discs..
thanks P P

Pillars Of The Progressive said...

Hello friend Sadness, I will gladly meet your request, but as of this writing in the early part of the blog (IMPORTANT) and not to prevent you from re-delete the links, I only have any link via email.
OK? ..


gah33 said...

Can't find your mail adress.
Here's mine:
I'm interested by:
QUANTUM FANTASY's "From Herzberg to Livingroom" & "Agapanthusterra"
ARAGON's "Mouse" & "The Angel Tear" from the archive.

Esquadrão SS said...

Glad you came back! Please, send me the link as well


Sorry about the unchanged request mmessage but it's a lot of albuns. hehe

mendes said...

Hello Pillars of the progressive.
Please send me the link.


Marco said...

could you send me the link please?

thank you

TestForEcho said...

Please send the link to this album to TestForEcho78@gmail.com. Thank you and keep up the great work.