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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Klaus Schulze - 2008 - Virtual Outback

In 2002 Klaus Schulze released the second part of his box set series Contemporary Works . Virtual Outback is the first of five CD's from this set, which was only available online and has been sold out for a long time. Virtual Outback is now available with a new booklet including updated liner notes and the bonus track 'Chinese Ears', which Klaus recorded for the China Millenium Show in Beijng.

Klaus Schulze first attracted attention as a member of the German progressive rock band, Tangerine Dream. Following the release of their debut LP, Electronic Meditation, he departed for a solo career. Klaus' recorded work typically features extended pieces sometimes filling an entire album built around computer-generated synthesizers and other specially programmed electronic effects. Klaus Schulze remains a cult figure in the United States, where the bulk of his prolific output has until now been available only through the import bins. He is widely considered an avant-garde mainstay as well as a founding father of both the new-age space music and electronica genres.

Album, released in 2008

Tracks Listing:

1 The Theme: The Rhodes Elegy (65:00)
2 Chinese Ears (14:55) ( bonus track )

Sub-Genre: Progressive Electronic
Origin: Germany



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