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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vulgar Unicorn - 2000 - Divadroid International - What About A Robot With A Human Brain

Studio Album, released in 2000

Tracks Listing

1. Money Penny
2. Baby Universe
3. Scotland Yard Investigates
4. You Were Spiralling
5. North By Northwest
6. Space Channel 5
7. Cop Show
8. Muteki Otaku
9. Yellow 6

Total Time: 61:02

Line-up / Musicians

- Brad Storch / programming, samples, vox, guitars, bass
- Betty Simington / pogramming, samples, vox, synths, plastic boxes

Sub-Genre: Eclectic Prog
Origin: United Kingdom



back up said...

i´m looking for this one for a long time.

would you send me the link???


lmccu1 said...

Love your blog! OMG - been looking for this for ages...would you please send me a link??? Thanks!


Aurelio Vergara said...

Please, can you send me the link?. I'll be very gratefull

Aurelio Vergara said...

sorry, i forgot my email: sirphonic@gmail.com

ruudbakker said...

Could you please send me this link?