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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Saracen - 2006 - Vox Excelso

Album, released in 2006

"" British rock band Saracen are now in their 25th year…..yet musically speaking they're as strong as ever! Their unique brand of heavy symphonic rock music is proving as popular now, with fans from every continent, as it was back in the band's halcyon days of the early 80s. The combination of original members, new blood, new albums, and the backing of a new Record Company, promises to be an exciting cocktail for the band's third decade. Saracen will release their eagerly awaited, first new album since 2003, entitled - Vox In Excelso Vox In Excelso is a concept album, based on the mysterious and controversial history of the Knights Templar - a medieval body of warrior monks, who grew to become one of the most powerful military & financial organisations in Europe. But their story goes far beyond battlefield exploits - the Knights Templar were guardians of an Ancient Knowledge; secrets that had major implications for the nations and religions of the western world... that are still cherished and protected even to this day. ""

Tracks Listing

1· Lament
2· Meet Me At Midnight
3· Exile
4· The Order
5· Militum Christi
6· Mary
7· Vive Dieu...Saint Amour
8· The Power & The Glory
9· Chain Reaction
10· Vox In Excelso
11· Where Was Their God?
12· Priory Of Zion

Line-up / Musicians

Steve Bettney — vocals
Rob Bendelow — guitar
Paul Bredder — keyboards
Richard Bendelow — bass
Mark Cross — drums

Sub-Genre: Heavy Symphonic Rock
Origin: United Kingdom


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