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Monday, 4 July 2011

Autumn People - 1976 - autumn people

Studio Album, released in 1976

Tracks Listing

1. Rock and Roll Fantasie (3:35)
2. Feeling (3:45)
3. See It Through (3:23)
4. Never See the Sun (2:56)
5. Gabriel (6:12)
6. Ovoid and Cubical (6:45)
7. Moon's Dancing (6:03)
8. Interlude (2:26)
9. Coffin Maker (5:24)

Total time 40:29

Line-up / Musicians

- Larry Clark / vocals, guitar
- Cliff Spiegel / bass, vocals
- Danny Poff / keyboards, vocals
- Steve Barazza / drums, vocals

Sub-Genre: Crossover Prog
Origin: United States


1 comment:

gregg said...

These guys were one of the very BEST live acts to come out of Phoenix, AZ, USA. Danny Poff's brother, Butch, was a good friend of mine. I even sold my ARP AXXE synth to Danny to use on this album. Larry Clark I consider one of the finest guitar players in the world. I worked for World Records and we carried copies of this album, I still have mine as well as a dozen LP cover iron-ons that they guys gave out. RCA records wanted to sign the group and use them as the opening act for STYX in the late 70's, but the manager/bass player was pushing to have them just be distributor for SoundTech Records as they were doing for "Wooden Nickel" that was the label STYX started out on.... Any way that did not happen and the guys continued to play live gigs between East Texas college towns all the way to L.A. on the West coast. These guys were the cream of the crop out of the Valley of the Sun! Steve Barazza would do a live drum solo that would go on for 10 minutes and keep everyone on the edge of their seats... I found a couple of photos of Danny the internet, he was still playing in and around Phoenix. Thank you for posting this album. Everyone give it a listen, enjoy Phoenix Prog from the late 70's.