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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Braver Since Then - 2008 - Adorned Weakness

Album, released in 2008

Tracks Listing

01.Left Behind Tears (7:07)
02.Domeone Else?s Art (5:12)
03.Destination Over Destined To Fail (6:20)
04.Puppety Oddballs Eat An Orange (5:00)
05.Strength And Limitations (4:47)
06.Estrogen Poisoning (3:12)
07.Blood And Imagination (4:47)
08.Juicy Fruit (1:10)
09.A Smile And A Far Away Place (9:53)
10.Possession & Ballad Of A Wannabe Cyber Geek (5:44)
11.Hidden Track (2:28)

Line-up / Musicians

Derek Blake: Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals.
John Lutzow: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals and Percussion.
Trevor Helfer: Drums and Percussion

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock,Metal/Fusion
Origin: United States


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