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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Yugen - 2010 - Iridule

Album, released in 2010

Tracks Listing

1. on the brink
2. the scuttle of the past out of the cupboards
3. iridule
4. overmurmur
5. scribbled
6. becchime
7. ice
8. ganascia
9. thaw
10. serial(ist) killer
11. cloudscape

Line-up / Musicians

Simone Beneventi-vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel
Paolo Botta- hammond, electric pianos, synths
Giacomo Cella-bassoon
Valerio Cipollone-soprano sax, soprano clarinet, bass clarinet
Enrica Di Bastiano-harp
Elaine Di Falco-vocals
Michelle Epifani-harpsichord
Maurizio Fasoli-piano
Mike Johnson-electric guitar
Dave Kerman-drums
Tommaso Leddi-mandolin
Elia Mariani-violin
Giuseppe Olivini-percussions, theremin, shruti box
Alberto Roveroni-drums
Peter Schmid-contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet, tubax
Markus Stauss-alto, tenor and bass sax
Dave Willey-bass
Francesco Zago-guitars, mellotron, prepared piano

Sub-Genre: RIO/Avant-Prog
Origin: Italy


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