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Friday, 17 September 2010

Don Sebesky - 1975 - The Rape of El Morro

Album, released in 1975

Tracks Listing

1.The Rape of El Morro
2.Moon Dreams
4.The Entertainer
5.Footprints of the Giant
6.Lucky Seven

Line-up / Musicians

Waney Audre/Trombone
Joe Beck/Guitar
Raymond Beckenstein/Flute
Michael Brecker/Saxophone
Randy Brecker/Trumpet
Ron Carter/Bass
Harry Cykman/Violin
Jean R. Dane/Viola
George Devens/Percussion
Harvey Estrin/Flute
Jon Faddis/Trumpet
Steve Gadd/Drums
Paul Gershman/Violin
Harry Glickman/Violin
Emanuel Green/Violin
Don Grolnick/Keyboards
Roland Hanna/Keyboards
Harold Kahon/Violin
Phil Kraus/Percussion
Joan La Barbara/Vocals
Will Lee/Bass
Walter Levinsky/Flute
Charles Libove/Violin
Harry Lookofsky/Violin
George Marge/Violin
Charles McCracken/Cello
David Nadien/Violin
Matthew Raimondi/Violin
Pat Rebillot/Keyboards
Albert Regni/Flute
Barry Rogers/Trombone
David Rose/Violin
Sonny Russo/Trombone
David Sanborn/Saxophone
Don Sebesky/Keyboards
Tony Studd/Trombone

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock,Jazz Rock/Fusion
Origin: United States


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