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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dear Mr. Time - 1970 - Grandfather

Album, released in 1970

Tracks Listing

01. Birth - The Beginning
02. Out of Time
03. Make Your Peace
04. Your's Claudia
05. Prelude (To "Your Country Needs You?")
06. Your Country Needs You?
07. A Dawning Moonshine
08. Years and Fortunes
09. A Prayer For Her
10. Light Up a Light
11. On a Lonely Night
12. Grandfather

Line-up / Musicians

Chris Baker (guitar, vocals)
John Clements (drums, percussion)
Barry Everitt (vocals, organ, piano, harpsichord)
Dave Sewell (bass, vocals)
Jim Sturgeon (saxophone, flute, guitar, vocals)

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock
Origin: United Kingdom


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