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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Chandra - 2010 - Hic et nunc

Album, released in 2010

Tracks Listing

1-Floating Tumbler
2-Settimo stadio di luce
4-Hic et nunc
6-Neutrattivo (Part 1)
7-Neutrattivo (Part 2)

Line-up / Musicians

Antonino Barresi (flute, shawm, vocals)
Antonio Sollazzo (drums)
Domenico Di Tommaso (keyboards, synthesizer, vocals)
Basil Ruggiero (Bass)
Vincenzo Di Thomas (guitars)
Marilia Cunha (the wings of the Chandra, trapeze and fabric)
Yzu (verse form entry)
Ernesto Nicolini (stage effects, Didjeridoo Aboriginal)

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock / Psychedelic
Origin: Italy


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