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Monday, 7 June 2010

Oratorium - 1972 - Oratorium

"" Is almost no information about the group. Full "Garage Band" music of the group with guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals on the board. Transitions and vocal melodies are striking elements. The recording quality "Virgin's Dream" is not very good, as in the group. In contrast with the record of music in general can be considered successful. This album is very hard to find reasons to remain in it until the edges are unknown. ""

Album, released in 1972

Tracks Listing

1.Ich bin nicht allein (I am no longer alone)
2.Du bist die antwort (You are the answer)
3.Du bist die stimme (you are the voice)
4.Wir feiern groBe festlichkeiten (we celebrate with great festivity)
5.Denk daran (to bear in mind)
6.ater unser (Our Father)
7.Uberall in dieser welt (Overall in this world)
8.It's love
9.Seid ihm dankbar (Are you thankful)

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock/Krautrock
Origin: Germany


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