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Monday, 21 June 2010

Conqueror - 2010 - Madame Zelle

"" "....the life, the story, the legend of Margaretha Geertruida Zelle . (Mata Hari) 1876-1917"

The nine chapters of the concept album tell in chronological order the fascinating story of the legendary Mata Hari. It all begings in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, and soon moves on to the Island of Java. Then back to Europe, to Paris and the most important cities of the old country, Mata Hari's life unfolds through the fabulous sceneries of the "belle epoque", while she gains international "superstar" status with her exotic dancing performances.
Hers is an irresistible charm, that defeats a number of gentlemen (mostly of whom wear a uniform), until the outbreak of World War I, that puts an end to all this plushy lifestyle. Then it is time for Mata's contacts with secret services and her modest career as a spy, serving Germany first, then France. The game is getting harder: Margaretha is arrested and put on trial as a spy by the French.
The epilogue: the famous execution, by firing squad...which hands over the story of Madame Zelle to legend. ""

Studio Album, released in 2010

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Margaretha (14:42)
2. Indonesia (5:15)
3. Occhio dell'alba (4:53)
4. Fascino proibito (7:11)
5. Eleganza perfetta (6:24)
6. H-21 (7:35)
7. Doppio gioco (5:32)
8. Da sola (5:34)
9. Ad occhi alti (8:15)

Line-up / Musicians

-Simona Rigano / vocals and keyboards
-Natale Russo / drums and percussion
-Sabrina Rigano / flute and saxophone
-Mario Pollino / guitars
-Gianluca Villa / bass

Sub-Genre: Rock Progressivo
Origin: Italy


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