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Monday, 19 April 2010

Hallelujah - 1971 - Hallelujah babe

"" Rare hard rock originally released on the German Metronome label in 1971. Hallelujah was a two man band consisting of a couple of Brits - Pete Vincent on guitar and Keith Forsey on drums. The duo was augmented by Pete Wood on keyboards and Rick Kemp on bass. Lots of musical history here - Kemp was a long time member of Steeleye Span and even Roxy Music. Pete Wood played keyboards for Al Stewart (Year Of The Cat). Keith Forsey became famous in the disco world later on. Vincent is really the focus of the album though (he wrote some great liner notes here). There is some ballad-y type tracks but when the album really rocks out it sounds a lot like early Deep Purple. Comes with an unreleased bonus track. Recommended. ""

Album, released in 1971

Tracks Listing

Signs Of Strange
Z. i. p.
The Winter Song
English Rain
Mini Funk
Ode To A Little Knight
Jam & Toast (Bonus Track)

Line-up / Musicians

Pete Vincent . Guitar
Keith Forsey . Drums


Pete Wood . Keyboards
Rick Kemp . Bass

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock/Hard Rock
Origin: Germany


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