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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Watch - 2010 - Planet Earth

Studio Album, released in 2010

Tracks Listing

1. Welcome to your Life (6:11)
2. Something Wrong (7:41)
3. Earth (5:52)
4. All the Lights in Town (8:15)
5. The World Inside (5:58)
6. New Normal (3:41)
7. Tourist Trap (7:23)

Total Time 45:00

Line-up / Musicians

- Simone Rossetti / vocals
- Giorgio Gabriel / guitars
- Guglielmo Mariotti / bass
- Valerio De Vittorio / keyboards
- Marco Fabbri / drums

Sub-Genre: Neo-Prog
Origin: Italy



valdisg said...

I would be very interested in having the link to this one.

Thanks again


proghead said...

Im interested to see what The Watch are up to now.I'd appreciate the link.Thanks bobtate@shaw.ca

Progfriend said...

I love Genesis music, so I'm also interested in the Watch and would appreciate the link



Rose said...

Two days ago I saw "the blue show" by The Watch (in Warsaw, Poland). It lasted for 2 hours and consisted mainly of Genesis music (Foxtrot): Damage Mode (by The Watch), Can-Utility..., Get 'em..., Time Table, Anyway-Here comes..-The Lamia, The Cage, Silent Sorrow (fragment)...,Horizons,,Suppers Ready, Soaring On (By the Watch),Watcher and The Knife - I hope I've listed all titles. THE SHOW WAS MARVELLOUS!!!! :))) However they didn't play anything from Planet Earth. I'd appreciate the link. Thanks joasia1975 @ gmail.com

Lars Patrik Stigsson said...

I would very much etc..


Thank´s a lot, progfriend...

Blanche said...

hey love your blog, I'd like a link to this too.

Wilmot Spapse said...

I've heard that this band is a close Gabriel-era Genesis clone. I would very much appreciate the link to listen to their sound for myself.

Thanks for a superb blog!!


Grifo said...

Please if you do not mind send me the link for this surely very good album.



I.B.Strange said...

I would also like a link to this. Love the Watch, all the way back to when they were The Night Watch.


mihailiviu said...

if is an lossless format I would be very interesed
I like this band

Claudio Melo said...

I love genesis, I love the watch! May you send me the link? please!
All the best!

wolfo said...

I love the watch! May you send me the link? please!
best regards!

Alex said...

Can you share the link of this album?


Daremo_86 said...
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