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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Mindgames - 2010 - MMX

Studio Album, released in 2010

Tracks Listing

1. The Source
2. In My Humble Opinion...
3. Glory of Night
4. Outside The Gloom
5. Travels
6. Destination Sky
7. The Pendulum

Line-up / Musicians

Bart Schram / vocals, acoustic 6-string & 12-string, recorder
Rudy Vander Veken / lead & rhythm guitar, acoustic 6-string
Maximilian von Wullerstorff / bass guitar, bass pedals
Benny Petak / drums, percussion
Tom Truyers / piano, synthesizers, Hammond

Sub-Genre: Neo-Prog
Origin: Belgium



valdisg said...

Hi there
Would really like to have the links for this one.

Thanks and keep up the great posts!!


Marco said...

Could you please send me the link for this one?
Many thanks.


captain groovy said...

could you please send the link for this one/ Thanks