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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Pax Romana - 2009 - And the Dance Begins Again

Studio Album, released in 2009

Tracks Listing

1. And the Dance Begins Again (5:00)
2. Nobody Never Knows Nothing (3:42)
3. No-Show (4:56)
4. Waves (5:17)
5. I'm In A Train (4:49)
6. Flutter (7:35)
7. Maria (4:57)
8. High Tide (5:10)
9. A Christmas Carol From Flanders (5:25)

Line-up / Musicians

Jouko Höytämö / drums
Ilpo Komulainen / bass
Jukka Höytämö / guitars
Matti Kervinen / keyboards and vocals
Matti Inkinen / guitars and vocals
Kalle Fält / soprano saxofone on "Maria"
Maria Hänninen / violin and backing vocals on "And The Dance Begins Again"
Samu Wuori / Slide guitar on "I'm In A Train"
Jari Loisa / Fretless bass on "No-show" and "A Christmas Carol From Flanders", Backing vocals on "I'm In A Train", "Christmas Carol From Flanders" and "No-Show"
Tiina Laine / Backing vocals on "Flutter"
Sami Sarhamaa / Slide guitar on "High Tide" and Additional instruments and backing vocals here and there

Sub-Genre: Neo-Prog
Origin: Finland



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mtineau said...

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TestForEcho said...

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