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Sunday, 20 December 2009

GALAHAD - 2009 - Sleepless In Phoenixville (02 cd)

Live, released in 2009

Tracks Listing

CD 1

1. I could be God (13:40)
2. Year Zero (13:17)
- Year Zeroverture
- Belt up
- Ever the Optimist
- The Charlotte Suite
3. Bug Eye (12:07)
4. Sidewinder (10:01)

Cd 2

1. Lady Messiah (From Beyond the Sun) (10:03)
2. Exorcising Demons (10:42)
3. Sleepers (13:56)
4. Empires never Last (10:11)
5. This Life could be my Last (12:42)

Total Time 106:38

Line-up / Musicians

- Roy Keyworth / guitar
- Stuart Nicholson / vocals
- Spencer Luckmann / drums
- Dean Baker / keyboards
- Lee Abraham / bass guitar

Sub-Genre: Neo-Prog
Origin: United Kingdom



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