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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Rush - 2009 - Working Men [live]

Live, released in 2009

Tracks Listing

1. Limelight
2. The Spirit Of Radio
3. 2112
4. Freewill
5. Dreamline
6. Far Cry
7. Subdivisions
8. One Little Victory (previously unreleased version)
9. Closer To The Heart
10. Tom Sawyer
11. Working Man
12. YYZ

Line-up / Musicians

- Geddy Lee / vocals, bass and keyboards
- Alex Lifeson / guitars
- Neil Peart / drums and percussion

Sub-Genre: Heavy Prog
Origin: Canada



januaryman said...

great post, send me the link please.
Thanks for your work.


NN said...

Great !
Could you please send me the link for this album, and for Gongmaison ?
Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

Completely useless album. I don't know if its "the record company" releasing these compilations to draw in new listeners or just stop gap junk to keep the collectors happy. How many people collect Rush stuff anyway thinks it actually has an monetary value to speak of? Snakes and Arrows was an otherwise awful album anyway. Their last strongest album by no doubt was Moving Pictures. They should just hang it up and quit now.

TestForEcho said...

Please send the link to this album to TestForEcho78@gmail.com. Thank you and keep up the great work.