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Friday, 6 November 2009

Capability Brown - 1972 - From Scratch

Studio Album, released in 1972

Tracks Listing

1 Beautiful Scarlet Rare Bird 4:55
2 Do You Believe Nevin 4:30
3 The Band Ferguson 3:42
4 Garden Ferguson 3:24
5 Liar Ballard 7:15
6 No Range Nevin 4:08
7 I Will Be There Ferguson 3:26
8 Redman Curtis, Gould, Hall ... 3:10
9 Day in Day Out Nevin 3:51
10 Sole Survivor: A. Escape; B. Sole Survivor; C. Cosmic Ride; D. ... Ferguson 9:48

Line-up / Musicians

Tony Ferguson (vocals, guitar, bass),
Dave Nevin (keyboards, guitar, vocals, bass),
Kenny Rowe (bass, vocals, percussion),
Grahame White (vocals, guitar, bass),
Joe Williams (vocals, percussion),
Roger Willis (vocals, drums, keyboards)

Sub-Genre: Crossover Prog
Origin: United Kingdom



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TestForEcho said...

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