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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Quasar - 1989 - The Loreli

Studio Album, released in 1989

Tracks Listing:

1. The Loreli (5:10)
2. Seeing Stars, Pt. 2 (The Dark Star) (4:56)
3. As You Fall Alseep.... (10:34)
4. Logic? (10:30)
5. Power in Your Hands (7:02)

Total Time: 38:12

Line-up / Musicians:

- Tracy Hitchings / lead vocals
- Toshi Tsuchiya / guitar, Midi guitar
- Keith Turner / bass, Roland/Moog bass pedals, acoustic guitar
- Dave Wagstaffe / drums, triangle, vibes

Sub-Genre: Neo-Prog
Origin: United Kingdom



Marek said...

Hi. could you share the links ?

Garuda said...


Please send me this link.

Thank you,


NN said...

Please send me the link
Thanks in advance


Pillars Of The Progressive said...

Hello Marek , yes I have the link that asks, but as of this writing in the early part of the blog (Important) so I will do with email itself. OK ??....


fyresign said...

Do I remember this band! One of my old neighbours (John Dyson) held this gig at St George's Hall, Bradford. Quasar were one of the guest bands invited. They were great people to meet too.
I had the original cassette version of this album, now lost in the mists of time and travel.

Could you forward a link to me, please? I'd be most grateful. Cuppa and Hob-nobs (JD's fave biscuits) at the ready!
Ta-much! Si-thi soo-an! (Yorkshire for thank you, see you soon.)


fyresign said...

I used to have the original cassette version of this album. Met the band at St George's Hall, Bradford when they were invited to play on his bill by my old neighbour, John Dyson. Yep, that JD (Surreal To Reel and various adventures in music).

Could you forward a link, please?
Somewhere between there and here, lost in the mists of time and travel, this album disappeared. You'd bring a smile back.


TestForEcho said...

Please send the link to this album to TestForEcho78@gmail.com. Thank you and keep up the great work.