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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Gungfly - 2009 - Please be Quiet

Album, released in 2009

"Solo Project by Rikard Sjöblom of Beardfish"

Tracks Listing:

01 Whiskers
02 On and on
03 No remorse
04 Before the winter
05 Rumbling boxes
06 Old like me
07 She is gone again
08 Go on alone
09 Fly into the sun
10 The prisoner
11 Make it better
12 Crimson coloured negative
13 Are you aware that i'm awake
14 Son of sun
15 Roland no more

Line-up / Musicians:

Rikard Sjoblom - all instruments


Petter Diamant - drums in "ON AND ON", "MAKE IT BETTER", "GO ON ALONE" and "OLD LIKE ME"
Robert Hansen - bass in "MAKE IT BETTER and "GO ON ALONE"
Rasmus Diamant - double bass in "SHE IS GONE AGAIN"

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock
Origin: Sweden



TestForEcho said...

Please send the link to this album to TestForEcho78@gmail.com. Thank you and keep up the great work.

mihailiviu said...


I try this one