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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Adrian Belew Power Trio - 2009 - e

Album, released in 2009

Tracks Listing:

1. "a"
2. "a2"
3. "a3"
4. "b"
5. "b2"
6. "b3"
7. "c"
8. "d"
9. "d2"
10. "e"
11. "e2"

Line-up / Musicians:

Adrian Belew - Guitars
Julie Slick - Bass
Eric Slick - Drums

Sub-Genre: Progressive Rock
Origin: United States



Brad said...

King Crimson is probably my favorite band. While Adrian Belew albums are not up to the level of King Crimson generally this is most certainly an intriguing title.

Please send me the link for this album. Thanks! TestForEcho78@gmail.com.

carlinhosdeipanema said...

Hey PP, congrats on yr blog.
Sorry I don't have any of the albums you are looking for.
I would be grateful if you can send me the link to Adrian Belew's new album.

creature said...

Thank You, could you please send link to mdm307@gmail.com

G-Bass said...

MUY BUENO PP,GRACIAS ESTE ES MI CORREO, gasparmedina77@hotmail.com,gracias por su musica