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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Opium Cartel - 2009 - Night Blooms

Album, released in 2009

Tracks Listing:

1. Heavenman
2. Better days ahead
3. Skinnydip
4. By the river
5. Three sleepers
6. Honeybee
7. Beach house
8. Flicker girl
9. The last rose of summer

Line-up / Musicians:

Jacob Holm-Lupo – guitars, bass guitar, synthesizer, mellotron, vocal on Honeybee
Mattias Olsson – drums, percussions, mellotron, celesta, guitars, electronics
Lars Fredrik Frøisle – synthesizers, mellotron, moog
Rhys Marsh – vocal op Heavenman, Beach house, Better days ahead
Rachel Haden – vocal on Flicker girl, By this river, The last rose of summer;
Sylvia Skjellestad – vocal on Skinnydip, Three sleepers

Sub-Genre: Prog Folk
Origin: Norway



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