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Monday, 13 July 2009

Fantasmagoria - 2009 - Day and Night


"Fantasmagoria: Day and Night"

Fantasmagoria is the name of a Japanese Progressive rock band, led by the female violinist Miki Fujimoto. She moved to United States at age of eleven, graduated from several music schools all around the world. The group aims at playing irregular rhythms with melodic patterns, from classical essence to KING CRIMSON, CURVED AIR, jazz-rock fusion and symphonic music. FANTASMAGORIA's energetic live performances received great acclaim and applause, especially at the 2005 edition of BajaProg, as well as France's ProgSud 2007. "Energetic Live Demo 2004" and "Official Live Bootleg 2005-2007" shows why... The eleven instrumental tracks included in "Day And Night" (Musea, 2009) confirm a great talent a style quite unique, combining lyrical violin (Always in the foreground), acid guitar riffs and sounds, lively keyboards parts, and apowerful rhythm section, including a roaming bass. All this certainly recalls a band who could be FANTASMAGORIA's big brother: OUTER LIMITS. But Miki FUJIMOTO develops a personal approach, with unusual musical structures and rhythms. A powerful but sophisticated music, made by the most promising Japanese Progressive rock band of our times !!!......

Album, released in 2009

Tracks Listing:

01. Crusader (4:06)
02. Blue Rice (3:40)
03. Into The Sea (5:11)
04. M.N.K. (5:37)
05. The Sparrow (6:07)
06. Anticlimax (6:55)
07. Omoplatta (4:28)
08. Travelling Space (5:18)
09. Joanni (7:22)
10. Lights That Fall Down The Hill (5:33)
11. Epic (5:04)

Line-up / Musicians:

Miki Fujimoto - violin
Junpei Ozaki - guitar
Ryuichi Odani - keyboards
Naoki Kitao - bass
Masakazu Sato - drums

Sub-Genre: Violin Progressive Rock
Origin: Japan



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