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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Red Sand - 2009 - Music For Sharks

Studio Album, released in 2009

Track Listings:

1. Empty Calendar (8:40)
2. Love And Music (10:11)
3. How Can You Help Me (6:26)
4. Sad Song (7:52)
5. Shark Man (16:14)
6. All You Need Is Love (3:40)

Total Time: 53:18


- Mathieu Lessand / vocals
- Simon Caron / guitars & keyboards
- Mathieu Rosselin / bass
- Perry Angellino / drums

Sub-Genre: Neo-Progressive
Origin: Canada



Esquadrão SS said...

P.P., you're doing a great job here. Great blog. But I tryed to download the band Synthesis and a lot before, at least all the tryed ones, and their link are broken. If you could re-up, It will be appreciated. If not, that's ok. Thanks a lot!

Pillars Of The Progressive said...

Hello Esquadrão SS, Sorry, the link Synthesis - 2000 - Swinging Macedonia was the offense rapidshare. Why? Do not know, but here let two other alternatives Okay? Stay well and always have.




Esquadrão SS said...

I see. Thanks for the link even so. I'll stay tuned from now on. Greetings