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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Prism - Live 75-77

Prism - Live 75-77

Track Listings:

01. Bach's Lunch At The Why
02. Zombie Roch
03. Suspended Evening
04. Plain Truth
05. Great Deceiver
06. Prelude #1
07. Triangle Of New Flight
08. Multi Dimensional Jive
09. Hands In The Fire
10. Nasebluten
11. Flute Solo
12. Ditty
13. After The Games
14. Keyboard Solo
15. King's Mischief
16. Skeletone Rag


Paul Bunker - Violin
John Rousseau - Drums, Percussion
Michael Clay - Keyboards, Guitar
Steve Parker - Bass
Ernie Myers - Guitar
Sonny Solell - Sax, Flute, Vocals (75-76)
Mike Barreyere - Guitar, Vocals (75-76)
Skip Durbin - Flute, Horns (76-77)

Sub-Genre: Sympho Prog
Origin: United States




Anonymous said...

Hi, i've listened this lost pearl from seventies. The Hands's first album is a good, but first incarnation called Prism is more fascinating musically and more near to the true US progressive movement of the time, Pentwater, Cathedral... Both the vocal and instrumental work are on a great level. Despite the sound quality of these live pieces anyone who love seventies sinfonic rock have to listen this. Very good.

This is the first album i've downloaded from your blog and my first comment on.

Very thanks for Prism

Pillars Of The Progressive said...

Thank you for your comments and is always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Very gentle for welcome.
Forgive me for time but i'm not expect you answered me and so soon!
In this time i downloaded nothing other from your blog.
My project is give comments at all good band at all good blogs.
Doesn't seem but this takes time and i can't dispose of internet every day. With time i'll comment all of your good posts.

Grateful thanks