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Thursday, 2 April 2009

J'accuse - 2008 - abbandono del tempo e delle forme

P.S. I have read in comments of many blogs that this album "J'ACCUSE ..! - Abbandono Del Tempo E Delle Forme" this is very trying and very hard put to find. Well here is the actual album so they can appreciate and enjoy.

Studio Album, released in 2008

Track Listings

1. Introduzione (2:51)
2. Il tempo muta le forme (10:32)
3. Sul bordo dell'abiss (12:34)
4. L'angelo (6:39)
5. Cercando un punto lontano (6:54)
6. Ricorre l'abbandono (13:37)

Total time: 53:17


- Sasha Colautti / vocals, lead guitar
- Donald Paljuh / vocals, guitar
- Michele Scherlich / bass
- Raffaele Tenaglia / drums & percussion

Guest musicians:

- Salvatore di Bella / Fender Rhodes, organ and keyboard
- Andrea Massarai / jazz guitar solo (6)

Sub-Genre: Crossover Prog
Origin: Italy


1 comment:

Sasha said...


I'm Sasha from J'accuse..!
I hope you enjoyed the album.
You know that for every disc sold my gain is 0.70 cents of euro?
With this unbridled and illegal downloads, we have sold only 250 copies.
And now we do not have the money to record another one.
Thank you.. really.