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Monday, 23 March 2009

Gregg Bissonette - 2000 - Submarine

Studio Album, released in 2000

Track Listings:

1. Marbles (6:48) (with Frank Gambale)
2. Submarine (4:08) (with Doug Bossi)
3. No Hay Parqueo (6:48) (with Gary Hoey/David Garfield)
4. Lum Lum (5:00) (with Joe Satriani)
5. Train To Willoughby (5:04) (with Steve Stevens)
6. Noah's Ark (6:12) (with Steve Vai)
7. Cloudy Day (5:08) (with Robben Ford)
8. The Son Man (3:19) (with Tim Pierce)
9. Sasquatch (5:28) (with Mike Landau)
10. 12 To 3 (0:52) (Matt Bissonette)
11. So Many Notes, So Little Time (5:46) (with Richie Kotzen)


Gregg Bissonette: Drums, Lead Vocals, Trumpet on "No Hay Parqueo",
All Percussion on all tracks, Background Vocals on "Cloudy Day"
Matt Bissonette: Bass, Background Vocals, Trombone on "No Hay Parqueo", Piano, Production
Frank Gambale: Guitar
Gary Hoey: Guitar
Joe Satriani: Guitar
Steve Stevens: Guitar
Steve Vai: Guitar, Engineering Assistance on "Noah`s Ark"
Robben Ford: Guitar
Richie Kotzen: Guitar
Michael Landau: Guitar
Doug Bossi: Guitar
Tim Pierce: Guitar
Dave Garfield: Acoustic Piano and Organ on "No Hay Parqueo"
Kathy Bissonette: Background Vocals on "Cloudy Day"

Sub-Genre: Jazz-Rock Fusion
Origin: Multi-National

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Anonymous said...

Please post the link to this album. Thank you!