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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Flame Dream - 1981 - Out In The Dark

Studio Album, released in 1981

Track Listings

1. Full Moon (5:22)
2. Nocturnal Flight (5:32)
3. Out in the Dark (9:29)
4. Wintertime Nights (4:02)
5. Strange Meeting (part one) (9:07)
6. Caleidoscope (5:37)
7. Strange Meeting (part two) (1:50)

Total Time: 41:17

- Peter Furrer / drums, percussion, tapes
- Dale Hauskins / guitars
- Urs Hochuli / bass, bass pedals, vocals
- Roland Ruckstuht / keyboards, sequencer, vocoder
- Peter Wolf / vocals, woodwinds

Sub-Genre: Symphonic Prog
Origin: Switzerland


Blacksmith lion said...

bom som...

Anonymous said...

Please post the link to this ablum. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My beautiful Switzerland! Doesn't seem but there is a good quantity of unknown bands from swiss underground scene of the seventies, eighties and nineties, Achaja, Blankton, Sword, Rhesus, Shakta, etc.

Flame Dream is top-notch sinfonic band from Swiss. The first four albums have excellent composition with incredible instrumental work. They mixed influences from Genesis, Yes and Gentle Giant in an almost enterely personal way. A celestial sound.
"Travaganza" seems a mix of Yes's Drama and Genesis '76-80. Tecno-pop with progressive iridescences, in it's way very good.

I would to thanks the labels that remastered some pearls from Swiss, that i immediately bought.

Black Rills Records for the splendid "Rumple Stiltzken Commune" and good "Welcome".

French label Musea with a jewel like Drangonfly from 1982.

Laser's Edge for Island and Lizard. Can't avoid to remember the highly fantastic inedits like german Spektakel and canadian Nightwinds.

Best Regards P.P.

Anonymous said...

Please may I have the link to this album? Thank you. lbscottkc1@yahoo.com or technicolorman78@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my absence. OK I search this and post the link as soon as i can.

Have the best

Anonymous said...

Ok, very soon. You can find this album on the good blog Orion Awakes. So i don't need to upload. You find at this address: