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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Azureth - 2007 - the prometheum syndrome

Studio Album, released in 2007

Track Listings

1. The Promethean Syndrome (3.45)
2. Being Alive (6:00)
3. Breakaway (4:02)
4. Chains that Bind (3:57)
5. Beyond the Boundaries (10:04)
6. Flight of Prometheus (4:04)
7. Shadow of a Man II (7:12)
8. Into the Nowhere (6:07)
9. Garden of Ignosense (4:32)
10. A New World (15:44)

Total time: 67:12

- Stephen Rivera / keyboards
- Mark Connors / guitars, bass
- John Wooten / drums
- Rod Chappell / bass, vocals
- Vince Font / lead vocals

Sub-Genre: Crossover Prog
Origin: Multi-National


apps79 said...

this must be a dynamite!any chance of sharing it?

Pillars Of The Progressive said...
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apps79 said...

what to say...a handful of thanks!

and of course I really appreciate all the good words about my blog.They strengthen my lust for even better work!

take care my friend!

alex said...

Judging by their previous 2004 debut album, this one has to be BRILL! Could you please send me a link? Much appreciated!

probst said...

Please can you send me the link.

Have a good 2010.

probst said...

i'm looking forward to get the link and will appreciate it so much! i found nothing in the email i got, so will be waiting for your respond.