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Friday, 27 February 2009

Claudio Rocchi - 1972 - La Norma Del Cielo ( Volo Magico N.2 )

Track Listings:

1. L'Arancia È un Frutto d'Acqua (5:45)
2. Storia di Tutti (8:05)
3. La Norma del Cielo (3:31)
4. Lascia Gesù (5:03)
5. Tutti Insieme (4:30)
6. Il Bosco (2:20)
7. Per la Luna (6:58)


Claudio Rochi
Guitars, Bass, Vocals, melotron Eugenio Pezza
piano-organ Eno Bruce
violin Lucio Fabbri
guiatrs Alberto Camerini
percussion Lorenzo Vassallo
Gigi Gasparri
Gianni Del Ben
Maria Teresa

Prog Sub-Genre: folk rock
Origin: Italy


john said...

Is there a way to download Claudio Rocchi? I would like to hear it, but can't find the link. Thanks!

Pillars Of The Progressive said...

Ok John! Here is your request, enjoy and have always.



john said...

Thanks a lot! This is a really cool album. If you have any of the later LP's by Rocchi, I hope you can post them as well. It seems like Claudio was a central (but mysterious) figure of the Italian scene.
I'm really glad to have found your blog, you've got great taste!

Pillars Of The Progressive said...
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